"Thanks for the amazing course! I really loved your practical yet open-minded and empowering approach." – AJ, New York

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About the LSA Online Curriculum

Join over 10,000 students who have been taught by Frank and his LSA team over the years in a dozen countries around the globe and online. In the coming year, we’ll be offering courses suitable for all levels of study. Sign up and we’ll keep you updated about these courses along with free online events and conferences.

Along with pre-recorded sessions, you’ll have access to live Q&As, a wealth of learning materials, and advice and support every step of the way. Here’s a quick summary of the subjects we cover each year.

Welcome to the LSA Online

In this video Frank welcomes you to the LSA online program. 

Year 1 Curriculum (first course begins 4 November 2019)

Suitable for newcomers or those wishing to refresh their knowledge or fill in the gaps, this year provides a firm foundation in astrological principles.

Learn the essential tools and ‘language’ of astrology: the zodiac signs, planets, aspects and houses; work on your own charts and the horoscopes of people in the news, and start to spot and synthesize major chart themes. You’ll also learn astrology in ‘real time’ by watching charts animated dynamically using the latest software. Although this is our foundation year, you’ll be introduced to much more than the basics (from the lunation cycle to the void Moon).

Core tutors: Frank Clifford, Kim Farley and Richard Swatton. Guest tutors TBC.

Year 2 Curriculum (first course begins 19 November 2019)

This is the ideal course to join if you already know the basics but want to learn techniques and develop fluency and confidence in interpretation and forecasting.

During this exciting year of study, you’ll develop your skills in interpretation and forecasting with class examples and live client work. You’ll be introduced to forecasting methods such as transits, planetary cycles, Solar Arc directions, secondary progressions, and returns. You’ll also learn essential tools and techniques for today’s working astrologer, including locational (astro-maps) and mundane astrology, plus the art of synastry (chart comparison).

Core tutors: Frank Clifford and Richard Swatton. Guest tutors TBC.

Year 3 Curriculum (first course begins 3 May 2020)

This is also known as our Professional Training Apprenticeship Programme and is designed for those of you planning to take your astrology further. Broaden your skills and scope as an apprentice astrologer, prepare step-by-step for reading charts, and engage in professional, paid client work. Some knowledge of synastry, mundane and locational astrology is helpful. If you’re unsure of your current level, please feel welcome to contact the office to discuss it further.

Core tutors: Frank Clifford and Richard Swatton. Guest tutors TBC.

  • Raise your astrology to a professional standard and prepare for client work
  • Synthesize and prioritize chart themes and articulate placements
  • Explore symbols; engage in creative and spontaneous interpretations
  • Use biography to follow trails and hear people ‘speak their charts’
  • Participate in live client sessions and student-tutor dialogues
  • Apply counselling skills and explore the astrologer-client relationship
  • Use vocational, electional and horary tools for yourself and your clients

What People Are Saying

“I like your human-centric approach, especially since you distance yourself from deterministic or fatalistic judgements.”

LK, Oregon

“Your classes are helping me to build confidence as an astrologer. Your mastery of your craft has been a great gift for me.”

LB, France

““Thank you for this wonderful course! It's rich with information and insights. The assignments have been very helpful in putting the concepts you taught us into practical use. I appreciate the opportunity and privilege to have taken this course with you.””

PH, London

““A HUGE thank you. Your teaching style was very calming and helped make the information so accessible and not intimidating! I really enjoyed all the classes and learned so much!” ”

JG, Sydney

““You have an extremely effective teaching style and always keep the classes very exciting and fresh.””

KS, Bulgaria

The LSA’s Certificate and Diploma in Astrology

You’ll be given assignments and reading, but there’s no requirement that you take any exams while you study with us. But for those wishing to attain our internationally recognized and accredited Certificate or Diploma in Astrology, you can choose specific areas to create a qualification that best reflects your own astrological interests.

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