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After many years running the LSA – the UK’s foremost school of astrology for the past 20 years – I’m delighted to announce that we launched our 3-year Certificate & Diploma Courses in Astrology last November. Designed to suit your own learning pace, there's a mix of pre-recorded sessions and interactive live Q&As each course.

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Our commitment to students along with our practical, vibrant approach and expert training have made the LSA one of the most popular and renowned places to study astrology in the world.

Whether you’re brand new to the subject, wishing to fill in the gaps or develop confidence in your abilities, we’ll have a course that suits you. I hope you’ll join us to learn the fascinating language of astrology with many of the world’s leading and most experienced astrologers,

    Frank Clifford, Principal of the LSA

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Positive Feedback About the LSA

"I can’t remember ever seeing such enthusiasm and positive energy at the end of any workshop we’ve held in the past. You have such a gift for giving people confidence in their own abilities." - LF, Canada