Teaching and Presenting

Recordings of Sep 2022 course now available; next course due 2024

Knowing how to communicate our knowledge of astrology in lectures or classes and to convey this information in practical and inspiring ways are the keys to being an effective teacher and presenter. This special, interactive course, open to astrologers of all levels, will benefit those wanting to teach classes and/or present at conferences, as well as more experienced practitioners who are seeking help streamlining their work and making it more accessible. Join us for this two-day course with Frank Clifford to learn the skills of presenting and teaching astrology succinctly and effectively. (For those passing the optional video assignment after the course, an LSA Teaching Certificate will be awarded. NB. This will not apply until we run the course again in 2024.) Cost: £99. Recording/notes included. Unlimited access.


Frank Clifford

Senior Tutor

Frank Clifford (Principal of the LSA since 2004) is an award-winning writer and astrologer who has written a dozen books on astrology and palmistry, guest edited 'The Mountain Astrologer', and since 2001 has given over 3000 lectures and seminars in over a dozen countries. www.frankclifford.co.uk

Recent student feedback

“I teach a lot and I’m so appreciative of your dedication to your course and your style of delivery – relaxed and informative and hugely inclusive.”

SY, Cambridge

“Wow, I must say I've had the most wonderful time during this course. It was exceptional in content and engagement with you. I'm definitely going to be creating a presentation for the assignment. Thank you, you are a valued and loved teacher … You made my week!! I had so much fun, and there really was a great bunch of people to share the experience.”


“That was a really good weekend. My students so enjoyed it and found it very very helpful. I was getting positive feedback throughout on it all. So grateful you adapted the assignment to include other disciplines.”

SH, Cirencester