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From 21 September 2024; if you want to start earlier, our recommendation is to sign up for the online Beginners' Course and then join us for the London classes (you'll only pay once)

Learn the fascinating language of the Tarot step by step in London with expert consultant Mario Trevino, who will share many helpful tips and considerations gathered during his 15 years as a Tarot reader. This course will offer much practice and insight in its 5 live sessions, and you’ll have access to live Q&As to have your questions addressed, receive feedback, and gain confidence in reading for yourself and others.

About this course

In this unique, self-contained course, you’ll learn to understand the 78 cards, work with various layouts, and interpret for clients in both practical and intuitive ways. The classes (and the notebook given with the course) will include sessions on: • A brief history of the Tarot • How to read colours and symbols in the cards • The four elements/suits and their meanings • Working with the Major and Minor arcana and court cards • Simple ways to construct clear and useful interpretations • How to synthesise cards and answer client questions • Client case studies and student examples.

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Dates, Venue, Assignments, Fees

Five Saturdays: 21, 28,(no class 5 Oct), 12, 19 and 26 Oct 2024 (11am to 4.30pm). Venue: Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT. The fee of £299 includes all tuition in London, notes/handouts and access to the Q&As for 18 months; plus access to the complete online Beginners' Course, too. You'll have access to mock exams and what's required to take the optional Certificate in Tarot. There will also be live Q&A sessions during the year with Mario, and you’ll have Zoom links to these in your welcome page in the course folder. These Q&A sessions will be recorded, too, if you are unable to attend live (and you’ll have access to many previous Q&As, too). These take place on Sundays at 6pm UK time (see Class and Q&A Schedule button at the top of this page).

London Live Beginners starting September 2023

Some words from your tutor

The Universe/Life speaks to us in symbols, patterns and archetypes. This wisdom is readily available to those of us willing to invest in self-reflection and work towards self- understanding. Fortunately, the language of Tarot can help us access this wisdom directly and quickly. With its 78 cards, Tarot is one of the biggest ‘alphabets’ available to us, and every type of manifestation, happening, news or pattern can be written and deciphered using this alphabet. Tarot can help us gain insight into all areas of life – from work and family to the more profound questions of authentic life purpose, the hero’s journey of the soul, and our spiritual path. Tarot doesn’t always give us ‘the answer’ but it will always point towards what is necessary to consider and contemplate in order to gain greater insight into our lives and circumstances.


Mario Trevino

Tarot Tutor

Mario Trevino began studying tarot and astrology 25 years ago in his native Mexico and has been practising as a consultant for the past 20 years, using tarot as an insightful tool to encourage self-determination. He also works as a psychologist, trainer and teacher. https://transpersonal.simplybook.it/v2/

Reviews from recent students

“I would like to say an enormous thank you to you for your teaching over the last 5 weeks. You are a gifted teacher knowledgeable, kind, generous, open-minded, nurturing and sensitive. What more could a student ask for?”

CR, London

“I really enjoyed the course and your teaching style which was totally inspiring. Great to meet such a diverse group of students, too. ”

AB, London

“I love the way Mario explains things and is so generous of spirit and patient and kind. Also, watching and learning online with the videos, I feel as if I am personally there, even though I am just watching online. It is a special gift to be able to teach and inspire like this online. Thank you Mario and Frank for creating the online course, it is an absolute treat!”

SH, Kent