Sparks and Shifts in Relationship

with Lynn Bell

Jung wrote, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Even brief encounters can have this kind of alchemical power to shift us internally. Long term partnerships put down deep roots and go through hot and cold zones, stuck places and burnouts. After the merging, there is the shaking out of what truly belongs to us. Over time, we can wear out the other’s resistance, and habits give way to friction, irritation, excitement or crisis. In this new workshop, Lynn will consider the spark of inter-chart contacts (the synastry) and the times of tectonic shifts in relationship, as often described by transits linked to Pluto, Saturn or the quincunx. These transits may signal the withdrawal of energy from certain parts of a chart/relationship, or the lighting up of others – when crisis brings forth action or the way out of a stuck situation. (£60)


Lynn Bell

Guest Tutor

Lynn Bell is a Paris-based consulting astrologer and teacher who connects ancient astrological ideas to a psychological and archetypal approach to astrology. Lynn lectures at schools and conferences worldwide and has authored ‘Planetary Threads’ and ‘Cycles of Light’. In 2016, Lynn received the Charles Harvey Award.