Palmistry 2021

A Conference with 11 of the best hand readers in the world

The 8th Hand Analysis Conference and Fundraiser • Online Weekend: 23–24 October 2021 • Eleven of the best hand readers in the world come together for an online event and fundraiser this October. • Register now and submit photos or palm prints for the chance to have these read by the experts in two unique Q&A sessions. • Watch talks live or catch up with recordings afterwards. • Enrol above (£150 for complete access, or £99 if you've received a discount code): or call our London office to pay: +44 (0) 208 402 7772.
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Speakers and Topics

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• Felicity Booth: Endings of the Major Water (Heart) Line

• Ed Campbell: Fingerprints & Friends in the 21st Century

• Frank Clifford: Introducing the Hand (Palmistry 101)

• Johnny Fincham: Aspects of the Air (Head) Line

• Ellen Goldberg: Archetypes: The Mounts on Your Palms

• Jennifer Hirsch: Chirology’s 5 Realm Counselling and Coaching Model

• Christopher Jones: How the Lines Change Over Time

• Patti Lightflower: Exploring the Suwon, Sydney and Simian Lines

• Lori Reid: Talents and Vocation in the Hands (pre-recorded)

• Mark Seltman: Your Life is in Your Hands

• Richard Unger: Blueprint for Life: Life Purpose is in Your Fingerprints