About this Course

Outline: Discover the skills, tools and techniques you’ll need to become a successful hand reader. Learn your craft with one of the world’s leading palmists, Frank Clifford of The London School of Astrology.

In this unique, self-contained course, Frank will:

  • Show how to read personality traits, aptitudes and needs from the hand
  • Help you to detect important signs found in the palm
  • Offer simple ways to construct clear and useful interpretations
  • Teach you timing techniques
  • Work with case studies from his client files, famous people and course students

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to many helpful tips and considerations gathered by Frank during his 25 years as a consulting palmist. Students will alshave access to articles and celebrity prints. All are welcome and no prior knowledge of palmistry is necessary.

Please note that you can join at any time and have access to the complete course. As of mid 2021, we are not running new Q&A sessions for the foreseeable future. But you'll have access to previous course Q&As and the most recent ones, and you'll be able to ask questions directly in the student forum or email Frank directly.

You’ll need a palm kit and Frank’s text book. Click here for details of purchasing the kit and book:


Tutor: Frank Clifford

Ideal if you’re: a beginner; self-taught or have been reading about palmistry for years but want to broaden/ground your knowledge and receive help filling in the gaps and synthesising hand features; keen to start reading hands professionally.

Available: start any time to receive everything pre-recorded (including recent Q&As).

Commitment: Approximately 10 hours of pre-recorded videos (with tutor and presentation) and various recent Q&A sessions – available to access for a year. You’ll receive articles to read (and a recommended reading list) and optional homework (allow a couple of hours for reading each week and a couple of hours to do the assignments). The Diploma comprises 10 assignments from Frank’s Palmistry 4 Today book. Diploma deadline: 1 November 2021. If you are starting the course from mid 2021, we will extend the deadline should you wish to complete the assignments.

Total Price: £290.

Need any additional information?

Email us: admin@londonschoolofastrology.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 208 402 7772 (office hours, M–F, 10am to 5pm UK time)

Frank welcomes you to his Palmistry Diploma Course.