Video with Marc Laurenson

In London: 2 September 2023

11am–4.30pm (recording uploaded later)

The lunar nodes are teachers, working through people and situations to help us heal, evolve and lead more fulfilling lives. The nodal axis is a major focus in astrology, and understanding the energy brought in from ‘times before’ adds a further dimension to the natal story. In part one, we’ll examine the key messages of the nodes in the birth chart. In part two, we’ll explore what happens when the nodes get triggered by transit. In part three, we shall discover the deja vu effects in play between two people when planets are in aspect to each other’s nodal axis – and we’ll consider new ways to work with this energy.

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The LSA is delighted to welcome back Marc Laurenson, who is a well known evolutionary astrologer using astrology to empower clients and students. Marc is the creator and principal teacher at the popular Sydney Astrology School. Cost: £65. At Rudolf Steiner House, 11am–4.30pm. Please note that there will be no live-streaming but the session will be recorded and uploaded for viewing the following day (with unlimited access to the recording).


Marc Laurenson

Marc’s passion for astrology started at a very early age, buying his first Astrology book at the age of 10. He opened his own astrological consultation business Marc Laurenson Astrology in 2007 and soon after that created Sydney Astrology School, which has been running successfully ever since.

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“Thank so much for a fabulous class. I absolutely loved it – so insightful.”

GS, London