Introducing Black Moon Lilith

An exclusive 4-part series (2 hours) of concepts and chart interpretation (£30)

The original wild-woman of the Garden of Eden, Lilith’s appearance in religion, the arts and popular culture is formidable, enigmatic and intriguing. There are many faces of Lilith and depending on who tells her story, she can be seen as an empowering influence in the natal chart or a malevolent one. The only way to truly make your mind up is to find out what Lilith means to you. Exploring myth, history and religion, we shall look at Lilith’s influence in numerous birth charts as well as her importance in modern astrology and the zeitgeist. Studying some celebrity and client examples, we shall also gain an insight into Lilith’s impact when prominently placed through natal position and through transit in the natal chart.


Stefanie James

Guest Tutor

Stefanie James is a consulting astrologer, published writer and podcaster from the UK. She joined the London School of Astrology at her Saturn return and has since returned to teach there. She is published in ‘The Book of Music Horoscopes’, lectures internationally and runs The Stellium Astrology Podcast. She has also been the astrologer for ELLE in the UK.