Online: 3–4 June 2023

Two Days of Lectures, 2-6pm UK time

Join naturopath and astrologer Kira Sutherland to explore the importance of the twelve houses in medical astrology, the health challenges of the benefics (Venus and Jupiter), and the importance of Hygeia. Cost: £99. Incl. in the fees of 103, 203 and 303 (for students enrolled at the time of the weekend). 2pm–6pm UK time both days.


Online 2–6pm UK time

The Houses of Health: Going beyond the 6th house, this is a journey through all 12 houses and how each reflects our health. Where do eating habits come from? How do we see inherited traits and illnesses? How can we work with our placements for better health and wellbeing?


Online 2–6pm UK time

Part One: Balancing the Benefics in Medical Astrology. Venus and Jupiter are traditionally known as benefic planets in medical astrology, bringing soothing, good fortune and health. But with our modern lifestyle, do these planets also trigger health issues via their indulgent and lax natures? Today we’ll discover the health issues Venus and Jupiter are linked to, and how to understand and remedy them. Come play with your benefic planets – see what they are trying to express and learn how best to keep them in check. Part Two: Hygeia, Ancient Goddess, Modern Muse of Health. In the modern world of poor lifestyles and chronic illness, can Hygeia be a guiding light for how we need to work with our health? Join Kira as she takes you on a journey into the myth of Hygeia and what she can teach us about our health journey.


Kira Sutherland

Guest Tutor

Kira Sutherland is an award-winning naturopath, a nutritionist and medical astrologer. Known for her vibrant, straightforward teaching style, Kira has lectured across Australia, the USA and Europe. In private practice for over 20 years, Kira combines her knowledge in natural medicine with her passion for medical astrology into a wonderful mix of mind–body wellbeing.