Humour in the Horoscope

Recorded Oct 2022; available to watch now

Which areas of the chart reveal our sense of humour? Do certain planets link with particular types of comedy and comedian? Are there specific factors that stand out in the horoscopes of famous comedians and those friends who make us laugh? So, for this talk, why not have a hearty chuckle with Frank looking for signs of comedic talent in the horoscope. Guaranteed to be done in the best possible taste … £25, unlimited access.


Frank Clifford

Senior Tutor

Frank Clifford (Principal of the LSA since 2004) is an award-winning writer and astrologer who has written a dozen books on astrology and palmistry, guest edited 'The Mountain Astrologer', and since 2001 has given over 3000 lectures and seminars in over a dozen countries.