Ask the Astrology Expert (2024)

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A series of astrological discussions throughout 2024 from the London School of Astrology. Hosted by Kim Farley. Open to all and live on Zoom (also recorded to view later). £99 for all 9 sessions or £25 for individual talks (with unlimited access to the recordings). Free to students currently attending our three-year astrology programme (101–303)

Schedule for 2024

7 to 9 pm UK time (on Zoom) every second Monday of the month. Zoom links and recordings will be in your course folder once you've signed up.

  • 8 Jan • Working with Solar Eclipses and Moon Phases with Dietrech Pessin: Dietrech’s pioneering work into the 27-month Lunar Gestation Cycle is well known to LSA students and can be tracked on Solar Fire. Tonight, she chats with Kim Farley about her use of solar eclipses as ‘parents’ to Moon families.

  • 12 Feb • The Horoscope Lives Forever! with Elisabeth Grace: When someone makes the news, their horoscope is hot – whether that person is alive or not. In this discussion, investigative reporter Elisabeth Grace shares her research into many compelling cases of departed souls who returned to haunt the headlines.

  • 11 Mar • Spiritual Counselling with Astrology with Rod Suskin: Many astrologers resort to interpreting a client’s spiritual life using heir own belief systems, new age spirituality or religion. While astrology can be compatible with many of these approaches, Rod will share how he uses astrological tools to give meaningful spiritual guidance to clients.

  • 8 April • The Mercury Elemental Year with Gary Caton: In 2024, Mercury’s three retrogrades occur in the Fire signs and, tonight, Gary Caton will explain their underlying patterns and transformative potential, as well as how they relate to a ‘seven-year itch’ developmental cycle.

  • 13 May • Where and Who is the ‘I’ in the Horoscope? with Dick van der Mark: In recent years there has been a shift towards a transpersonal, spiritual approach to chart interpretation. Working with the Black Moon and Black Sun, Dick will show how we might have a more specific tool to articulate the ‘I’ of who we really are.

  • 10 June • What Time is it in Your Life? with Faye Blake: The horoscope can be viewed as a clock – one that reveals the main timings of our life. In the 1960s, Bruno Huber took this idea to create a fascinating technique: the Life Clock. Faye Blake will explain this 72-year cycle and provide case studies to demonstrate its usefulness.

  • 9 Sep: Using Fixed Stars in 21st Century Astrology with Michael Barwick: Many astrologers dismiss the fixed stars or think of them as add-ons. But tonight, Michael Barwick will introduce the fixed stars every astrologer should know about, and share how they can be honoured psychologically and spiritually.

  • 14 October • The Mysterious 8th House with Martin Sebastian Moritz: The 8th house encompasses important areas of life such as sexuality, seduction, entanglement, taboos, the values of others and the underworld. Guilt, shame, death and reincarnation also reside here. Fasten your seatbelts tonight as Martin opens up Pandora’s box.

  • 11 Nov: Working with the Progressed Moon with Gisele Terry: In tonight’s discussion, Gisele Terry will explain how the progressed Moon can offer great insight into our inner world and reveal much about our evolving growth. As it moves through the signs and houses, it also provides the key to healing our past.


Kim Farley

Senior Tutor

Kim Farley has introduced astrology to a generation of astrologers since she began teaching in the late 1980s. Her 'Mind Maps' mini-book (updated in 2024) is a popular reference work for astrology students around the world.