Exploring Your Draconic Chart

Recorded in March 2022; available now to view

Your Draconic chart, based on a zodiac that has its beginning at your North Node, is a tool that provides deep insight into your life meaning and purpose. It also offers a way of seeing the remarkable synastry between you and those with whom you’re compelled to have profound relationships. In this brand new event, join Frank Clifford, the publisher of Pamela Crane’s landmark book The Draconic Chart (2000, 2013), to learn how to read step-by-step this most revealing of horoscopes. This session will also help you recognise the all-important, sensitive degrees of your birth chart. £60; recording available now; unlimited access.


Frank Clifford

Senior Tutor

Frank Clifford (Principal of the LSA since 2004) is an award-winning writer and astrologer who has written a dozen books on astrology and palmistry, guest edited 'The Mountain Astrologer', and since 2001 has given over 3000 lectures and seminars in over a dozen countries. www.frankclifford.co.uk