A Celebration of Astrology Fundraiser (30 March 2024)

Purchase the MP3 recordings (merged with presentations) to support the charity Awesomage.

We had a special celebration of Astrology at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 30 March 2024. Sign up for exclusive access to the talks by Mark Jones, John Wadsworth and Deborah Houlding, plus words from host Frank Clifford.

Recordings from the day

Since 2020, the LSA has raised over $50,000 for various charities. Today we’re fundraising for Awesomage, a charity reinventing orphanages globally to nurture and provide opportunities for orphaned children to thrive.

  • Welcome and Introductions from Frank Clifford; having fun with getting older and the zodiac signs

  • Mark Jones • More than Prediction: The Birth of Modern Astrology • Mark will explore the vibrant melting pot that was the birth point of modern astrology. Opening with Alan Leo and Dane Rudhyar, we’ll discover how a potent blend of theosophy, psychology and a re-imagining of classical astrology combined to create a vision of the natal chart more akin to a map of the soul rather than a guide to outcomes. And this would also go on to have a formative impact on psychology itself through the work of Jung, Assagioli and Grof.

  • John Wadsworth • Astrology as a Path to Healing and Wholeness • John will share his embodied, experiential approach to astrology, and how he treats the chart as a theatre of soul and the zodiac as a type of medicine wheel, revealing twelve initiatory gateways to wholeness.

  • Deborah Houlding • The Startling Synastry of Alec Guinness and James Dean • Deborah will examine the astrology of a fateful meeting between Alec Guinness and James Dean, seven days before the young actor’s death. It was a loaded, disquieting cosmic moment that shocked them both. But why those two? And why at that time?

  • Frank Clifford • Celebrating the Astrologers of Tomorrow • Frank will wrap up the day with some words on the future generations of astrologers. The event will close with tutor–student photos for those collecting their astrology or tarot certificates and diplomas.

  • Melanie Reinhart was unable to present on the day. We are hoping to add a recording of this at some point soon • Are We There Yet? • Melanie will consider the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ in shadow and light (also noting some of its quirky and evocative symbolism) … and of course the ingresses of Pluto into and out of Aquarius in 2023-24!