Fundraiser (4 September 2021)

with Brian Clark

We're so delighted that the inspiring Australia-based astrologer and writer Brian Clark has agreed to give us two online talks (on Zoom) in September and October to help fundraise for two animal rescue/support charities ( in the UK, and animal hospital/healthcare organisation Lort Smith in Australia). £20 per event.

More Information

Saturday 4 September, 2021, 75 mins, £20, UK 10 a.m., Australia 7 p.m. A recording will be made available afterwards.

Mercury as the quintessential guide reveals many an insight as we travel on his sacred journey through the heavens. His tracks are not only imprinted on the outer world, but they also lead us to inner terrain. Mercury slips through the net of rational constructs and crosses psychic borders to connect the two wheels of life: the temporal and the soulful. Today, Brian will explore the Mercurial archetype through myth and symbol to discover his two faces and the many phases of his cycle. Tracking these phases and Mercury’s speed and direction assists us in scheduling, considering and reflecting on our passages in life.


Brian Clark

Guest Tutor

Brian Clark, creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning programme, has been a consulting astrologer and educator for most of his adult life. His latest book, ‘Astrological Time’, considers the ambiguities of time and how astrological techniques help us to navigate its mysteries.